A new concept
of women’s dress

The divisible dress

Modular design, interchangeable components, Made in Italy, tech-innovation
and sustainable approach.

I choose to be

United Separable is a project that comes from our idea of combining design, Made in Italy’s textile tradition and technological innovation to create our vision of a new concept of womEn’s dress.

This is how our tailor-made Divisible Dress, a united and separable dress, begins to take shape in 2019. It is a top and a skirt-element, joined by a zip that makes them fully interchangeable and replaceable with other tops and skirt-elements. In this way it is possible to get several different dress combinations by mixing shapes, fabrics, and original patterns.
The Divisible Dress is the dress for all the women who know what they like to wear, appreciate natural fabrics and quality workmanship, play with the mix and match of shapes and colours, love luxury essentiality. The Divisible Dress is our concept of woman’s dress: it is designed to create a few-pieces wardrobe with several combinations, each dress with tailored cuts and quality fabrics, so to feel comfortable and stylish both in formal and informal occasions.




With our label UNITED SEPARABLE we propose a system of women’s divisible clothes, as a starting point for a conscious approach to fashion and more sensible choices.

Combining the two parts, the top-element and the skirt- element, we make it possible to create the perfect dress according to needs and aesthetics for the day-by-day living.

All pieces of the same size are interchangeable and can be purchased in a minimal box or separately.

Modular design versus traditional design

(in cm, assuming fabric height as 140 cm)
Dress combinations = number of different dresses

Modularity and interchangeability are the key elements of United Separable


This is our idea of sustainable fashion, which starts from modular design and enhances the excellence of our territory, materials and production processes: few pieces and many combinations for less waste of production resources and raw materials, and a more responsible future of our environment.

Less energy, less emissions


United Separable is a 100% Italian project developed with the craftsmanship and manufacturing excellences of Made in Italy, committed to environmental impact attention, ethical practices and superior quality materials research. We cooperate with yarns and fabrics manufacturers, textile printing companies and tailoring labs in the traditional Italian textile districts of Biella, Varese and Como.
Thanks to the collaboration with Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A., the main Italian manufacturer of high-quality zippers, we have developed our solution that holds together top and skirt-element of the Divisible Dress, based on nichel-eco zip.

Our own printed patterns on the Divisible Dress are a strong distinctive feature enhances the Italian excellence of the entire creative and production process. Hand-drawn in pencil by the artist Renato Geraci, they are then transferred to fabric by digital printing techniques in collaboration with companies in the Como textile district.
With our project, we support a fashion concept that enhance women’s creativity and personality in pursuit of one’s authenticity.
We also strongly believe in an ethical, conscious and sustainable approach to fashion and in supporting responsible consumption choices.
We are presently engaged in a supply and production-chain sustainability roadmap, according to the model promoted by B Lab, an independent international body certifying companies meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.
Our project has already a strong sustainable base: local supply chain, fully recyclable and reusable packaging, high quality fabrics for long-lasting clothing, modular design resulting in less waste of fabrics, less use of space and simple daily maintenance, small quantity production.

Design always tries to find the balance between form and function and we strongly believe in Mies van de Rohe’s motto, “Less is more”.

United Separable is a project by Minimal Path s.r.l., an innovative startup in the Fashion-Tech and Design Industry based in Milan.

Events and Exhibitions

  • PDF19 Boutique, Milan 2021
  • Style Hunter Milano PopUp Store, Milan December 2020
  • TheOneMilano, February 2020
  • Lone Design Club PopUpStore, Milan December 2019
  • IndipendentTemporaryShop, Milan December 2019
  • Plug In Tokio Exhibition (TheOneMilano), October 2019
  • TheOneMilano, September 2019
About US

When at first I thought about the Divisible Dress, I thought not only about a dress but mainly about a system for a smartly organized closet and a light suitcase. This is our idea: few simple steps to combine tops and skirts and get several different dresses suitable for both formal and leisure occasions. Modularity and functional partitioning in discrete and reusable components are conceptscoming from my scientific and ICT background.


Together with my son Federico, with his passion for design and fashion, and Renato Geraci, artist and long-time friend, the United Separable project was set up.


I was born and I live in Milan, the city of technology, fashion and design, also close to the most important Italian textile districts of Como, Varese and Biella. This is a key asset in establishing collaborations with companies and laboratories from the true excellence of Made in Italy.
(Gabriella M.A. Grazianetti)

Gabriella M.A. Grazianetti

Founder & CEO

Mathematics Degree in Milan University, professional career in TLC/ICT sector, long experience in Innovation and Digital Transformation. Management consultant for SMEs and PA.

Federico Montini


Politecnico di Milano – School of Design (PRODUCT DESIGN). Innovation and Circular Economy Certificate. Focused on design, new fashion brands and marketing strategy.

Renato Geraci

Artistic Consultant and Pattern Designer

+25 years as Executive Art Director in fashion, design, cosmetics and communications companies.

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